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Stadium Merkur Spielarena di Düsseldorf
August 10th, 2020 H 21:00
Bayer Leverkusen
  1. Kai Havertz24'
Game over
Carlos del Cerro Grande
The match story

The match story

  1. Inter wait to find out who they'll face in the Europa League semi-finals. It'll be either Shakhtar Donetsk or Basel. Can Conte's team end the season with European success? We'll just have to find out. That's all for now. Goodbye!23:15

  2. Inter could easily have won that game by more on another day. The fact it was so comfortable for Inter despite having two penalty decisions go against them was a testament to their performance, especially in the second half when they didn't give Leverkusen a sniff. They're serious contenders for this trophy, make no mistake.23:07

  3. Inter reach their first European semi-final since 2009-10! The Italians edge past Leverkusen thanks to a clever goal by Lukaku, who played formidably well. In truth, Inter were well on top for most of the game, barring a 20 minute spell late in the first half when Leverkusen pulled a goal back. The Germans did precious little thereafter.23:00

  4. 90'+7'


  5. 90'+7'

    Leverkusen throw players forward and Barella is booked for fouling Amiri in Inter's half. There's no time left for Leverkusen though - the referee blows his whistle!22:56

  6. 90'+5'

    Leverkusen's latest attack breaks down and Lukaku heads straight for goal, overpowering Tapsoba and finding the net. The referee pulls play back for a foul on Tapsoba. It shouldn't be Lukaku's fault he's so good.22:54

  7. 90'+4'

    Leverkusen know they can't rely on any more luck from the officials as Bailey wins a corner. Inter deal with it admirably, as they do the following free-kick after Eriksen fouls Wendell. Eriksen forces a routine save from Hradecky shortly after.22:55

  8. 90'+2'

    NO PENALTY FOR INTER! Lukaku must be wondering whether he'll ever get a kick from 12 yards out at this rate. That's two penalties for Inter overturned now as Eriksen is judged to have handled the ball in the run-up.22:50

  9. 90'

    PENALTY FOR INTER! Eriksen is bundled over by Bellarabi as he skips into the box. Inter have a chance to seal their passage to the semi-finals. There will be six minutes added on after this. Wait, the officials are discussing it again...22:49

  10. 89'

    There isn't a hint of Leverkusen springing a late surprise here as Inter win a throw near Leverkusen's corner flag. Hang on...22:47

  11. 87'

    Tapsoba gets a yellow card for two fouls on Lukaku in quick succession. Leverkusen have really struggled to deal with the Belgian's strength and movement.22:45

  12. 85'

    The muted Volland makes way next. Alario will lead the line for Leverkusen for these final few minutes at least.22:45

  13. 85'

    Eriksen receives a yellow card for tripping Havertz. Eriksen's given Inter an added threat with his incisive passing since he came on.22:43

  14. 85'

    Bosz makes his final throws of the dice. Bender is replaced by the more attacking Bellarabi.21:44

  15. 84'

    Inter substitution. Skriniar replaces Bastoni in Inter's defence.23:16

  16. 84'

    Lukaku is so hard to stop. The Belgian dashes towards goal with Leverkusen pushing too high. Tapsoba does just enough to prevent the striker getting a clean shot off and puts the ball out for an Inter corner. Leverkusen clear it.22:42

  17. 82'

    Leverkusen aren't out of time just yet, but it's quickly running out. It looks like they're getting another substitute or two ready.22:40

  18. 80'

    Lukaku has been imperious today. The striker drops deep to hold up possession and Tapsoba brings him down. Conte is shown a yellow card over on the touchline for protesting too much. 22:39

  19. 79'

    Leverkusen are getting closer but still not close enough. Bailey swings an early cross into the box from the left. It drops just beyond the outstretched foot of Volland at the far post.22:37

  20. 78'

    Leverkusen are pushing for that equalising goal as Demirbay has another shot blocked. The Germans have only had two shots on target all game to Inter's six. They've found clear chances hard to come by.22:36

  21. 76'

    Moses holds the ball up to the right of the box before jinking his way in and getting a shot away. Hradecky makes a decent save to push it out. Bender returns to the pitch.22:39

  22. 74'

    Bender leaves the pitch temporarily. Eriksen hangs a cross high into the box and Tah heads it away. Brozovic fires towards goal twice in quick succession only to find himself thwarted each time.22:32

  23. 72'

    Young slides in to make a vital block from Diaby's shot as the ball rolls to him just outside the box. Barella darts forward and is stopped fairly by Tah. Bender gets caught in the tangle and play stops while the Leverkusen captain receives treatment.22:31

  24. 70'

    Amiri plays a misplaced pass and Bastoni steps in to intercept. The centre-back doesn't get far though and Leverkusen get the throw. The Germans fling ball after ball towards Inter's box but the Italians hold firm each time.22:28

  25. 68'

    Baumgartlinger is next to make way. Amiri is on for him.22:26

  26. 68'

    Leverkusen make a few more changes in an attempt to swing the game. Wendell is on for Sinkgraven.22:25

  27. 66'

    It feels more likely that Inter will score again than Leverkusen will get an equaliser. Inter pin Leverkusen into their own box and Sanchez gets two chances, the first assisted by Eriksen. Hradecky makes a smart save with his legs, and Sanchez's follow-up is blocked.22:24

  28. 64'

    That'll be Martínez's last act of the game as he's replaced by Sanchez.22:22

  29. 62'

    Martinez receives a nice pass from Eriksen and shoots from the right side of the box. The Argentine fires wide though.22:21

  30. 61'

    Eriksen gets involved in the game straight away as Hradecky gathers his routine shot from distance. Up the other end, Diaby wins a corner off Young and Handanovic tips Derimbay's effort from outside the box over the bar! Leverkusen's follow-up corner doesn't lead to much.22:20

  31. 59'

    This is a bold change by Inter who still want that crucial third goal. Eriksen is on for Gagliardini.22:19

  32. 59'

    Inter respond with two changes of their own. D'Ambrosio is replaced by Moses in a straight swap.22:18

  33. 59'

    Here's that Leverkusen change. Palacios makes way for Bailey. He'll play wide left. Diaby will move to the right.22:18

  34. 58'

    Leverkusen are pushing for an equaliser but the more they do, the more it leaves them vulnerable to that dreaded Inter counter. Diaby bustles into the box and can't decide whether to cross or shoot. Inter end up making the decision for him.22:15

  35. 57'

    Leverkusen are preparing a substitution. It looks like Bailey is getting ready to come on.22:14

  36. 55'

    Now Leverkusen go back on the attack. Havertz bears down on goal from the right of the box and wins a corner for the Germans. Inter counter quickly and Lukaku's shot rattles off a Leverkusen defender. There's a lively pace to this game.22:14

  37. 53'

    Inter know that one more quality attack could see them through. Gagliardini has a shot blocked and it goes out for an Inter corner. Leverkusen get it away.22:12

  38. 51'

    Diaby twists this way and that on the edge of Inter's box and powers into the box. The Frenchman is off balance though and can't keep his effort down.22:11

  39. 49'

    Leverkusen make a lucky escape! Seconds after Lukaku is almost through on goal, Young darts down the left and crosses low. It loops up for Gagliardini who thumps a shot straight against Lukaku from a few yards out. Leverkusen clear. A third Inter goal now would likely kill this game.22:09

  40. 48'

    Bender is booked for that challenge on Gagliardini. Leverkusen's captain certainly looks fired up for what will be a crucial 45 minutes for his team.22:07

  41. 47'

    Leverkusen are looking to assert themselves quickly now. They need a goal after all. Godin makes a great interception to prevent Volland getting through on goal and Bender goes in hard on Gagliardini, giving away a free-kick.22:06

  42. 45'

    We're underway for the second half. No changes at half-time.22:03

  43. Lukaku has now scored in each of his last nine appearances in the UEFA Europa League (12 goals in total). He's the first player to have ever done that in the history of the competition. The Belgian's simply too good for this level. Leverkusen's chances in the second half depend on keeping him quiet. But can they?21:54

  44. Inter go in a goal to the good at half-time. The Italians pummelled Leverkusen for the first 20 minutes, going 2-0 up and threatening to score more. Leverkusen have muscled their way back into the game since Havertz pulled a quick goal back though. Leverkusen will be relieved to have had that penalty against Sinkgraven overturned.21:55

  45. 45'+1'


  46. 45'+1'

    Bender plays a pass down the line for Havertz. Havertz wins the footrace with Bastoni but can't get anywhere. That'll be that for now.21:47

  47. 45'

    Leverkusen go back on the attack and win a corner down their left. Diaby swings it in and it's headed out by Brozovic at the near post.21:46

  48. 44'

    Inter's free-kick achieves little as Gagliardini quickly concedes a foul. There'll be one added minute in this half.21:46

  49. 43'

    Sinkgraven gets a deserved yellow card for that tackle which looks worse on second viewing. The referee goes across to chastise Bosz who voices his opinion a bit too much for the official's liking.21:45

  50. 43'

    Inter look a tad frustrated at the moment. Conte is unhappy as Sinkgraven scythes Barella down on the right wing. 21:44

  51. 41'

    Diaby's pass is too short and Brozovic nips in to win possession. Brozovic flicks a pass towards the onrushing Martinez but Tah drops low to head away and Martinez is penalised for a high boot.21:43

  52. 40'

    Young's corner is aimed for Gagliardini lurking at the far post but it rolls straight out of play for a Leverkusen throw-in. The Germans have recovered well since going two goals behind.21:41

  53. 39'

    Inter still look menacing on the occasions they can get forward. Martinez pokes a pass across the box for Lukaku but Tah is there to punt it away. Inter end up winning a corner down their left.21:40

  54. 37'

    Diaby's cross from the left causes Handanovic anxiety and the keeper punches clear. Leverkusen keep possession until Tah loops the ball out of play.21:39

  55. 35'

    Inter are finding creating chances slightly tougher now. Havertz pins Young near Inter's corner flag but the veteran full-back succeeds in winning a goal-kick.21:38

  56. 33'

    The ball's floated into Inter's box but no one in a red shirt can reach it. Leverkusen keep the pressure on and win a corner which Inter clear. It seems Leverkusen's near escapes have shocked them into sharpening up.21:36

  57. 31'

    D'Ambrosio is booked for that challenge. What can Leverkusen make of this?21:34

  58. 30'

    Leverkusen are lucky to get that reprieve, warranted though it was. Meanwhile, D'Ambrosio fouls Diaby to hand the Germans a free-kick in Inter's half.21:34

  59. 28'

    NO PENALTY FOR INTER! After a minute or two of talk, the referee goes over to watch the incident for himself on the monitor. He's left in no doubt - he cancels the penalty and hands Hradecky a goal-kick. It's the right decision.21:40

  60. 26'

    PENALTY FOR INTER! D'Ambrosio dances into the box from the right and his cross hits Sinkgraven's shoulder. D'Ambrosio appeals and the referee points immediately to the spot! It looks extraordinary harsh as Sinkgraven couldn't do more to avoid that. VAR takes a look while Lukaku waits to take the penalty...21:31

  61. 24'

    That was a great pass from Volland. Leverkusen aren't quite out of this yet but they can't keep conceding big chances if they don't want to be dead and buried by half-time.21:29

  62. 24'

    GOAL! 2-1 LEVERKUSEN! We've got a game on here. Diaby and Bender both have shots blocked from the outside of the box and Volland finds Havertz. Havertz fires straight at Handanovic but it goes under the keeper's legs and into the roof of the net.21:28

  63. 23'

    It's almost 3-0 Inter! Leverkusen get caught way too far upfield and Brozovic sets Lukaku free on the counter. The Belgian gets one-on-one with Hradecky in the box but the Finnish keeper rushes out to block. Leverkusen are on the ropes here.21:27

  64. 21'

    Young can claim the assist for that forward-thinking pass. Inter look well in control of this quarter-final and we're not even a quarter of the way into the game yet.21:25

  65. 21'

    GOAL! 2-0 INTER! Leverkusen are in hot water already. Young rolls a low pass to Lukaku who holds off Tapsoba well. Tapsoba hauls the Belgian down as Hradecky comes out, but Lukaku cleverly prods home with his left foot as he falls. He is simply a master finisher.

    See Romelu Lukaku's player card21:24

    Romelu lukaku
  66. 19'

    Inter almost make it two! Martinez slaloms into the box from the right and crosses low into the centre. It causes panic in Leverkusen's defence and the Germans frantically clear as Barella's shot is blocked on the line.21:36

  67. 18'

    Leverkusen resume where they left off, passing the ball around to little effect. Baumgartlinger almost sells Sinkgraven short but the Dutch left-back manages to salvage a throw-in out of it.21:19

  68. 17'

    That was Inter's first shot on target of the game. They've had just over 30% possession of the ball so far but they've looked more threatening than Leverkusen.21:18

  69. 15'

    GOAL! 1-0 INTER! Barella gets the opening goal for Inter! Leverkusen get themselves into a mess at the back and Young pings the ball straight to Lukaku. Lukaku's swivel and shot is blocked and Barella calmly sidefoots it into the net from outside the box.

    See Nicolò Barella's player card21:17

    Nicolò barella
  70. 13'

    Inter get a free-kick in midfield as Demibay clatters into the back of Barella. The Italians promptly squander it. Volland races down the inside-left channel and tries a cross but makes an almighty hash of it.21:15

  71. 11'

    There's plenty of turnover in midfield so far as Leverkusen come out with the ball for now. Demirbay plays a round-the-corner pass towards Volland but it's intercepted.21:13

  72. 9'

    Inter's back three pass between themselves for a while, luring Leverkusen's forwards onto them. Barella lofts a pass in the direction of Martinez but Hradecky is alert and claims it first.21:11

  73. 7'

    Leverkusen end up winning a free-kick and manage to beat Inter's block. It looks like Inter will look to play on the counter here, a state of affairs which will suit them just fine.21:10

  74. 5'

    Inter play dangerously inside their own box while Leverkusen press furiously. Handanovic sends a direct pass forward for Lukaku who holds up well and finds D'Ambrosio bombing down the right. Inter end up winning a throw.21:07

  75. 3'

    Leverkusen venture forward for the first time. Diaby jinks his way past a few Inter challenges but can't quite create a shooting opportunity. Inter clear.21:06

  76. 1'

    Leverkusen get us underway here! The Germans find themselves under pressure straight away as Lukaku has a potshot from outside the box blocked.21:04

  77. The two sides are out on the pitch in Dusseldorf. Inter are wearing their iconic black and blue home strip. Leverkusen will play in their all-red away colours.20:59

  78. This will be only the third competitive meeting between Inter and Leverkusen. The Italians won both clashes in the 2002-03 Champions League second group stage, 3-2 at home and 2-0 away. Let's hope that their encounter here will be similarly exciting.20:51

  79. Inter name an unchanged team from the one that saw off Getafe in the round of 16 last week. Leverkusen make three changes from their 1-0 victory over Rangers. Sven Bender was due to start but is injured. Charles Aranguiz is suspended so Palacios steps in for him. Demirbay also starts ahead of Wirtz.21:04

  80. SUBS: Niklas Lomb, Aleksandar Dragovic, Mitchell Weiser, Jonathan Tah, Nadiem Amiri, Ramazan Özcan, Karim Bellarabi, Wendell, Leon Bailey, Florian Wirtz, Lucas Alario.20:44

  81. BAYER LEVERKUSEN (4-2-3-1): Lukas Hradecky; Lars Bender (c), Jonathan Tah, Edmond Tapsoba, Daley Sinkgraven; Julian Baumgartlinger, Exequiel Palacios; Kai Havertz, Kerem Demirbay, Moussa Diaby; Kevin Volland.21:03

  82. SUBS: Christian Eriksen, Andrea Ranocchia, Daniele Padelli, Antonio Candreva, Sebastiano Esposito, Milan Skriniar, Cristiano Biraghi, Borja Valero, Stefano Sensi, Victor Moses, Lucien Agoume, Alexis Sanchez.20:40

  83. INTER (3-5-2): Samir Handanovic (c); Diego Godin, Stefan de Vrij, Alessandro Bastoni; Danilo D'Ambrosio, Nicolo Barella, Marcelo Brozovic, Roberto Gagliardini, Ashley Young; Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez.20:39

  84. In Inter's way are Bayer Leverkusen, who last contested a European quarter-final in 2007-08 in this competition's old guise the UEFA Cup. Leverkusen haven't reached a semi-final in Europe since their famous 'nearly' team of 2001-02 went on to lose the Champions League final to Real Madrid. As you can see, there's plenty at stake here for Peter Bosz's side too.20:37

  85. Inter will be excited to be here in Dusseldorf. This is Inter's first European quarter-final since 2010-11, the season after they won the treble under Jose Mourinho. The club were knocked out of the Champions League by Schalke 04 that year and haven't been the same since. Can Inter continue their revival under Antonio Conte?20:31

  86. Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Europa League quarter-final fixture between Inter and Bayer Leverkusen at Merkur Spielarena in Dusseldorf, Germany.20:21

  87. Where the match is played:

    Stadium: Merkur Spielarena
    City: Düsseldorf
    Capacity for: 54600 people20:21

Bayer Leverkusen

Lineups Inter - Bayer Leverkusen

  • (6) STEFAN DE VRIJ (D)
  • (2) DIEGO GODÍN (D)
  • (15) ASHLEY YOUNG (C)
  • (11) VICTOR MOSES (C)
  • (32) LUCIEN AGOUME (C)
  • (20) BORJA VALERO (C)
  • (12) STEFANO SENSI (C)
  • Antonio Conte
  • (8) LARS BENDER (D)
  • (4) JONATHAN TAH (D)
  • (29) KAI HAVERTZ (C)
  • (19) MOUSSA DIABY (C)
  • (31) KEVIN VOLLAND (A)
  • (27) FLORIAN WIRTZ (C)
  • (13) LUCAS ALARIO ()
  • (36) NIKLAS LOMB (P)
  • (11) NADIEM AMIRI (C)
  • (28) RAMAZAN ÖZCAN (P)
  • (18) WENDELL (D)
  • (9) LEON BAILEY ()
  • Peter Bosz

Inter - Bayer Leverkusen is a quarter finals match of Europa League 2019/2020.
The match will be 10 august at 21:00 in the stadium Merkur Spielarena in Düsseldorf.

Where to see Inter-Bayer Leverkusen - Europa League 2019/2020, streaming and live broadcast
You can see the live match Inter-Bayer Leverkusen here on Virgilio Sport starting 21:00 CET on 10 august.
Inter-Bayer Leverkusen will be visible on Sky Italia platform, channel Sky Sport and Sky Calcio. The match will be delivered on streaming with Sky Go.

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